Tier 4 Data Center

Most Robust

A Tier 4 Data Center is considered as the most robust and least prone to failures.

Mission Critical

Fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, storage etc) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access control methods. 

Managed Servers

Who needs a managed dedicated server? Fully managed servers are for those who do not have the know how, the time or the IT staff to fully manage their server. Managing a server is a 24x7/365 Job and our team is here to help you and your needs.

 Backups: Nightly, Weekly and Monthly Backups

 SoFtware Management: Software Installation Support*

 Root Management: Root server Management

 Support Classes: SSL Certificate setup (does not include purchase)

 OS Management: Install, configure and update approved Web applications 

 Monitoring: 24x7/365 server monitoring


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Network Uptime

You can be rest assured that your server and website will have a very reliable network connection with a 99.999% network uptime guarantee.

You also have the choice to choose from our Tier 2 network. This network is for when you need a lot more bandwidth and can afford 99.9% network uptime.

Help & Guides

Help at your finger tips. You can browse our Knowledgebase or open a support ticket.


More Features

  • SSD Powered:
    The speed of SSD while maintaining the cost and volume of HDD.
  • High Availability:
    The Cloud Servers can migrate from server to server as issues arise. 
  • Redundancy Built-In:
    Cloud Servers are not attached to a single server. If a server fails then it moves to another working server.

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